Development Development ASTERUS is a full-cycle developer. We handle the selection of construction plots, the analysis of their best and most efficient use, and the design of territorial development concepts—both on our own and with the assistance from Russian and international consulting companies. In order to create impactful master plans, modern architectural concepts, and ergonomic design solutions, we cooperate with the best Russian and foreign architectural firms. We also engage with leading companies in the field of cost control, project management, building information modeling (BIM), and general contracting services. This helps us to minimize risks for our customers and investors and to complete our projects within the planned deadlines and budget. In 2018, ASTERUS started working on a multifunctional development project for a 65-hectare area in Tushino. The development of the new urban territory is based on the WORK. LIVE. PLAY. LEARN concept. It will result in creating various business and residential facilities, social and sports infrastructure, and a large amount of green zones and fully equipped public spaces on the bank of the Moskva River. activities подробнее
Asset management Asset management The company currently manages portfolio investments of an international investor consortium, which includes the sovereign wealth funds of several countries such as: China (Russia–China Investment Fund), Saudi Arabia (Public Investment Fund, PIF), along with Russian banks and the Vi Holding investment and industrial group. activities подробнее