05 25 2021

Chkalov Arena multifunctional sports complex can now be commissioned

On May 24, 2021, the Moscow City Committee for State Construction Supervision (MOSGOSSTROYNADZOR) issued a permit for commissioning the Chkalov Arena multifunctional sports complex, currently in development under ASTERUS management.

The five-story Chkalov Arena is located at 73 Lyotnaya Street, covers an area of over 32 thousand sq. m, and features an ice arena, a rhythmic gymnastics center, a fencing center, an auto-racing center, a fitness center with a pool, and specialized stores and dining venues. This is one of the biggest sports complexes in Moscow. Its mission is to make professional training accessible and to involve people of all ages in sports, from toddlers to senior citizens.

The rhythmic gymnastics center can house training sessions and competitions at the local level. Thanks to its high, 16-meter ceilings, it easily accommodates international-level gymnastics performances. People will also be able to come here to play volleyball, handball, or basketball at the versatile, transformable gym. Another facility that will open at the sports complex is a three-story fitness center with a swimming pool, managed by one of the leading operators in the industry.

The complex’s ice arena is equipped for hockey and figure skating. The complex is going to have two ice venues: 30 x 60 meters (Olympic standard) and 26 x 56 meters (North American standard). The ice arena’s main point of pride is the advanced hockey training center with unique specialized zones for training athletes off the ice. They include: an artificial turf area for athletics; several comprehensive training spaces with polyurethane flooring; a synthetic ice zone; and a zone with sports flooring and special workout gear for coordination exercises.

Chkalov Arena is just one part of a massive comprehensive development project at the former Tushino airfield, spanning a total area of 65 ha. The project also encompasses the ÁLIA residential estate, business park, which will become Russia’s largest A+ class park and has already been recognized as the best office development project in the world at the International Property Awards 2020, plus public spaces, schools, kindergartens, a healthcare center, pedestrian zones, and parks. The project follows the WORK. LIVE. PLAY. LEARN urban planning concept, currently popular around the world.

Project developer: ASTERUS. Construction developer: Vi Holding Development. General contractor: ANTTEQ LLC.